March Blog 2018 March 1, 2018 16:54

We are delighted to launch our March Blog for 2018.  As we have had so many of our customers, like you, subscribing on our website, we thought we had better get cracking.  So we're going to bring you news on where we'll be trading in the month ahead, special offers and discounts; new product line announcements and even some gardening tips from time to time!

I know your inboxes can get a bit overloaded with newsletters, but we hope you'll stay with us and enjoy the products and news we bring.


Is it me or has it been a very long cold, wet, and windy winter?  It seems ages since I spotted the first signs of snowdrops in mid-January in my garden.  I got a little too enthusiastic and started preparing for Spring, but then it has just got colder with all the snow arriving…. but at last we have seen some glimpses of sunshine and Spring flowers are out …. hooray it’s here at last!

5 Tips For Your Garden


As soon as you get that first dry warm day it’s time to get out into your garden for a good tidy up in just 5 simple steps:

  1. Sweep all the dead leaves from your patio.
  2. Cut back or remove any dead flowers, ready for spring growth.
  3. Pick up all your pots that have been blown around your garden.
  4. Throw away any garden decorations that are rusty or cracked from the frost that have been left out all year.
  5. Treat your lawn to a light cut (not too short for the first cut).

Garden Decorations



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In no time at all you would have made quite a difference and will inspire you to start thinking of planting Spring flowers and adding decoration and colour.  Try hanging a fun windchime, adding a birdfeeder or lighting up an area with some lanterns and solar lights.  Clean up your garden furniture so you are well prepared for those lovely warm Spring days.  It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do to give you a boost this time of year!

Mother's Day


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To celebrate Mother's Day, we will be sending a FREE GIFT! with all orders placed from now until Mother's Day.  You will find lots of affordable and unique gifts to choose from to please Mum from our online store.  Happy Shopping!



Easter is a perfect time to be enjoying your garden with friends and family and here we have some great gifts and decorations, these rabbit pot hangers will brighten up your garden pots and would make a perfect Easter Gift too.  Whether you are hunting for chocolate eggs or enjoying the Sunshine,  your garden is the place to be this Easter ..... Have fun and enjoy!  xx

Happy Easter! xx

March Events:

Tuesday 20th March Ewhurst Easter Market, Parrot Inn, Forest Greet, Ewhurst. 10.00 - 2.00pm.

Saturday 25th March Reigate Holistic Health & Wellness Fair , Colman Redland Centre, Reigate 10.00-4.00pm