Festive Time! November 11, 2018 18:21

Halloween and Fireworks have now passed so we can finally start thinking about Christmas.

I attended my first Christmas Shopping Event this week so it's put me in the mood to start.  My hall is full of reindeer, penguins, robins and all sorts of festive treats to decorate your home or garden, it's a great time of year!


Don't forget that Black friday is coming up on 23rd November - a perfect time to start your festive shopping - and I will have some great offers too!

I currently have a competition giveaway now running - so please do checkout my facebook page for more information - the winner will be announced on BLACK Friday! And more offers will be available on the day - So Good Luck!  xx



I have a pop up shop at home this Christmas, so if you are local please do message me if you could like to pop in at your own convenience and take a look.  Would love to see you!  x


 November Events

Sunday 18th  American Women of Cobham Christmas Gift Fayre 10-4.00pm. 

Sat/Sun 24/25th November - The Medicine Gardens Christmas Event 10.00-5.00pm 

I hope you have fun with your Christmas buying and don't spend too much!  Caroline xx

Autumn 2018 Blog October 01, 2018 19:40

I am sitting in my garden – it’s the beginning of October  and I am reflecting on the summer – it has been amazing! – I wish I could book the weather back every summer like we have just experienced.  Why would we ever go abroad? – we could enjoy Devon, Cornwall or Wales just the same – sunbathing in the sunshine.

My garden has suffered – I tried watering but the lawn just looked paler and paler – but I am not worried it will come back very soon.  I love the Autumn season - I am looking forward to enjoying the last of the sunshine and chilly mornings.


I have so enjoyed my garden this summer – I decorated it with lanterns, garlands, windchimes, suncatchers, buddhas and it just looked such a calm place to be.  My big umbrella sheltered me from those hot hot days 38%!!!! I really did need it.  The only thing that stressed me out was the wasps around my dinner plate - Then I just added my citronella candles that did the trick.

I have spent so much time in my garden this year which is just where I want to be.   It’s so important in this busy life to spend time outdoors relaxing and chilling.  Making a quiet area for you to reflect and just enjoy. I have added lots of buddhas to my assortment this autumn, and I tell my customer's that they need to take time and be drawn to which one suits them best .  This one is my favourite - the budda monk, representing praying for peace.  She looks so calm and relaxed, just where we want to be.

I am now focussing on bringing in my garden accessories now that Autumn days are arriving and we begin the next season.  My buddhas are now in my front room and my lanterns lit to make my home cosy and warm for the chilly evenings ahead.  Don’t leave your decorations outside, look after them over the frosty nights and bring them back out in the Spring.


Thank you for supporting me this year with difficult health issues, but I am back in the game now and rearing to go with new directions and ideas.  Sometimes when you are forced to stop, it makes you reflect on where you are and where you want to go.  I will not be trading so much outside this winter, but instead very excited to be attending more spiritual well being events and showing off my beautiful buddhas and chakra and tree of life products.    I strongly believe we all need calm and stress free times in this mad mad world and if I can bring a little bit of that into your lives I am very happy.


Caroline xx


 October Events

Sunday 7th October MBA & Wellbeing Show, Crawley 10am - 5.00pm.

Saturday 13th/14th  Octoer Wellbeing Fair - Grasshopper Inn Westerham 10.00 am - 4.00pm

Sunday 28th October Dorking Holistic and Mystic Event 10am-5.00pm




Summer Time! July 06, 2018 15:42

I am sitting in my garden under the tree.  It’s too hot to be out in the full sunshine – I didn’t think I would be saying that a few weeks ago after so much wind and rain.  I really hope the good weather is here to stay.

I love the sunshine, I love the warmth, it cheers me up, I just want to be out in the fresh air, making the most of it before it goes away.  I stop all my indoor jobs and focus on my lovely garden. 

It’s filled with calmness, buddhas, windchimes, suncatchers and lanterns.  I have set up a seating area, with big colourful cushions, and some burners to give off a lovely smell.  At night it’s covered in solar lights – it’s just a lovely, magical place to be any time of the day or night.  Even the cat has decided the big pink cushion under the lilac tree is the place to be this summer, nice and cool, and perfect for an afternoon snooze.


I have not been too well lately – (don’t want to dwell on ill heath too much) passed out a while back made a good mess of my face and head.  Ended up having a pacemaker fitted, so it won’t happen again.  All a bit of a shock when you lead such a busy life and your heath is good.  It’s been a hugh eye opener. 

 Actually it’s made me have time to think about what is and is not important in my life and how we need to slow down, and just appreciate what we have around us .  (Which is not so easy to do).

I have learnt to potter – I love to potter in the garden – what am I doing?  Not much really – odd jobs, picking out that weed in the middle of my flower pot, admiring my clematis that is finally in full flower and looking great covering the fence,  and finally watering the garden in the cool evening.   I should be doing  a whole blog on pottering as I just love it!!!

I am planning my future a little different, but making just a few changes - a bit more yoga, as much time as I can in the garden, and a few more bbq's with the family while they are back from Unit and the sun is shining!

I just wanted to share with you the importance of making time to relax and enjoy your garden, while the weather is so good, without having to spend too much.  I hope my website reflects this as I continue to source affordable garden gifts and decorations.

March Blog 2018 March 01, 2018 16:54

We are delighted to launch our March Blog for 2018.  As we have had so many of our customers, like you, subscribing on our website, we thought we had better get cracking.  So we're going to bring you news on where we'll be trading in the month ahead, special offers and discounts; new product line announcements and even some gardening tips from time to time!

I know your inboxes can get a bit overloaded with newsletters, but we hope you'll stay with us and enjoy the products and news we bring.


Is it me or has it been a very long cold, wet, and windy winter?  It seems ages since I spotted the first signs of snowdrops in mid-January in my garden.  I got a little too enthusiastic and started preparing for Spring, but then it has just got colder with all the snow arriving…. but at last we have seen some glimpses of sunshine and Spring flowers are out …. hooray it’s here at last!

5 Tips For Your Garden


As soon as you get that first dry warm day it’s time to get out into your garden for a good tidy up in just 5 simple steps:

  1. Sweep all the dead leaves from your patio.
  2. Cut back or remove any dead flowers, ready for spring growth.
  3. Pick up all your pots that have been blown around your garden.
  4. Throw away any garden decorations that are rusty or cracked from the frost that have been left out all year.
  5. Treat your lawn to a light cut (not too short for the first cut).

Garden Decorations



 Shop Now

In no time at all you would have made quite a difference and will inspire you to start thinking of planting Spring flowers and adding decoration and colour.  Try hanging a fun windchime, adding a birdfeeder or lighting up an area with some lanterns and solar lights.  Clean up your garden furniture so you are well prepared for those lovely warm Spring days.  It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do to give you a boost this time of year!

Mother's Day


 Shop Now

To celebrate Mother's Day, we will be sending a FREE GIFT! with all orders placed from now until Mother's Day.  You will find lots of affordable and unique gifts to choose from to please Mum from our online store.  Happy Shopping!



Easter is a perfect time to be enjoying your garden with friends and family and here we have some great gifts and decorations, these rabbit pot hangers will brighten up your garden pots and would make a perfect Easter Gift too.  Whether you are hunting for chocolate eggs or enjoying the Sunshine,  your garden is the place to be this Easter ..... Have fun and enjoy!  xx

Happy Easter! xx

March Events:

Tuesday 20th March Ewhurst Easter Market, Parrot Inn, Forest Greet, Ewhurst. 10.00 - 2.00pm.

Saturday 25th March Reigate Holistic Health & Wellness Fair , Colman Redland Centre, Reigate 10.00-4.00pm

My First Buying Trip To Europe May 27, 2017 14:13

I am sitting in my garden in the lovely May sunshine recovering nicely from my hectic buying trip to Holland.

It was an early start to catch the ferry from Dover, but thankfully a lovely calm crossing before we joined hundreds of juggernaut lorries all heading in the same direction – glad I wasn’t driving.  Unfortunately, there was an accident on the way which slowed us down, but thanks to the satnav we were able to redirect our route so we were not in a queue for another two hours!   Trust us to be travelling on the hottest day of the year!

Finally, we made it to Venlo, a beautiful hotel by the lake and a much needed Dutch beer or two! 

Dinner at the hotel was lovely and an early night was needed ready for my big shop up!  Breakfast by the lake in the sunshine.  They do it well with hams, cheeses, fruits, breads and eggs – perfect!

Always like a challenge and found that my wholesale warehouse was going to be harder to find than we thought as the road surrounding it had not been built!  Finally, we arrived and was not disappointed. When I say big – I mean MASSIVE …rows and rows of garden gifts and decorations – it’s a sweet shop!!!!!

We methodically made our way round the warehouse with my husband telling me how much I have spent along the way.  It’ a good job as it could get messy!!!!   Some of the products I felt were a little pricy but I managed to bring back some lovely pieces to share with you all!   How about these to brighten up any garden @ £5.00 each

Love the Dutch people, they are so friendly and all you see are bikes everywhere – they even decorate them with flowers!  I am going to do that to my bike!


Couldn’t resist this lovely ceramic cat decoration at £6.00




We did manage to nip into a local garden centre in Venlo – and we were both amazed by the assortment and quality of the plants and gifts.  – unfortunately, no room in the car for plants!

After another long, hot journey back, thankfully a lovely calm crossing and home.  Really enjoyed my first buying trip in Europe.  Done Holland …thinking of somewhere new next time!  Any ideas?

Please do check out my website for new lines from Holland!  xxx


Accessorise your garden for 2017 March 08, 2017 00:12

As I write this, the view from my window is not filling me with enthusiasm. It’s grey, damp and miserable and my garden is looking decidedly brown and soggy. The current cold temperatures are definitely not inspiring me to get out there at the moment but that doesn’t mean I’m neglecting my outdoor space entirely. I’ve been reading up on what are going to be the big garden trends in 2017 and pondering which of my fab garden accessories will help me recreate them. My garden is going to be ultra-fashionable this year!

House Beautiful magazine recently gave their verdict on what’s going to be happening in UK gardens in 2017 and it seems that you should be going in one of two, very opposing, ways. You can either scale it back in a nod to Scandinavian minimalism: think whitewashed decking and fake fur rugs (let’s just forget about practicality here for a moment) or go all out with colour and textures to create some sumptuous style statements on your patio.

Bamboo mountain candlesIf you like your garden to be a haven of calm and want to accessorise with pale woods and muted hues then I’ve got some fab products that would set this off perfectly: check out these bamboo mountain candles and this hanging heart with a bird decoration!          

Moroccan LanternsIf you fancy the second, more lavish, option then take a look at my beautiful Fairtrade Hanging Moroccan Lanterns. They’re a good start towards bringing some glamour into your garden and my very reasonable prices mean you don’t have to have an extravagant budget to afford them.

They look amazing at night, with the flickering candle inside sending gorgeous vibrant patterns into every dusky corner. (You might also like my gold multi-glass lantern for the same reason!) 

And talking of candles, those lanterns also fit nicely into another 2017 garden fashion: imaginative lighting! It’s set to go from functional to fun this year so, if you want to be on trend, you’ll need to jazz up your outdoor illuminations. Go for funky fairy lights draped over shrubs, uplighters in your beds and exotic lamps hanging from your branches.

elephant lanternPersonally, I’m very fond of this striking elephant lantern - it looks great with coloured candles in it!

And if it’s colour you’re looking for then I’ve also got a great range of Fairtrade wind chimes. Whether they’re made from bamboo, metal or wood they all sound lovely on a breezy day and bring a much-needed bit of cheer to bare gardens at this time of year.

(The wind chimes make fab gifts too so keep them in mind for Mother’s Day on Sunday 26th March!)

My shop is crammed full of beautiful items that will enhance your green patches, no matter what theme you’re aspiring to. Have a look around and please let me know what you’re doing with your outdoor spaces in 2017 – I’d love to see how you Accessorise Your Garden!



Next Events May 04, 2016 18:34


Saturday 20th May Esher May Fair - 12.00 - 4.00 pm.



Clearance January 04, 2016 08:46

From 4th January please take a look at my website for the start of Clearance!  A great chance to pick up a bargain from the comfort of your home!

Christmas Deliveries December 14, 2015 15:44

Christmas Deliveries

Due to our Christmas market commitments, all orders must be made by  Thursday 17th December to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Our final trading day will be Tuesday 22nd December in Wimbledon outside Morrisons.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to trading again in the New Year!

Accessorise My Garden has gone global! October 01, 2015 17:56

As from 1st October 2015, we now offer International Shipping!!

My website has been a great success in the UK and now we are very excited to be growing and spreading all over the World!!!  We offer flat rate shipping of just £10 for Europe and £15 for the rest of the world.  We look forward to welcoming new customers from beyond our shores!

New Website Launch September 07, 2015 13:30

We are delighted to launch our brand new website where you can now buy all our products securely online.  After many years of trading at markets around Surrey and the south east (which will continue..!), the time has come to reach a wider audience nationwide who can buy our products.  We hope you like our clean and clear design and that you will easily find what you're looking for.

Our store has been built using the leading ecommerce shopping cart - Shopify - so you can be sure of a smooth and secure experience shopping with us.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

Happy shopping!