My First Buying Trip To Europe May 27, 2017 14:13

I am sitting in my garden in the lovely May sunshine recovering nicely from my hectic buying trip to Holland.

It was an early start to catch the ferry from Dover, but thankfully a lovely calm crossing before we joined hundreds of juggernaut lorries all heading in the same direction – glad I wasn’t driving.  Unfortunately, there was an accident on the way which slowed us down, but thanks to the satnav we were able to redirect our route so we were not in a queue for another two hours!   Trust us to be travelling on the hottest day of the year!

Finally, we made it to Venlo, a beautiful hotel by the lake and a much needed Dutch beer or two! 

Dinner at the hotel was lovely and an early night was needed ready for my big shop up!  Breakfast by the lake in the sunshine.  They do it well with hams, cheeses, fruits, breads and eggs – perfect!

Always like a challenge and found that my wholesale warehouse was going to be harder to find than we thought as the road surrounding it had not been built!  Finally, we arrived and was not disappointed. When I say big – I mean MASSIVE …rows and rows of garden gifts and decorations – it’s a sweet shop!!!!!

We methodically made our way round the warehouse with my husband telling me how much I have spent along the way.  It’ a good job as it could get messy!!!!   Some of the products I felt were a little pricy but I managed to bring back some lovely pieces to share with you all!   How about these to brighten up any garden @ £5.00 each

Love the Dutch people, they are so friendly and all you see are bikes everywhere – they even decorate them with flowers!  I am going to do that to my bike!


Couldn’t resist this lovely ceramic cat decoration at £6.00




We did manage to nip into a local garden centre in Venlo – and we were both amazed by the assortment and quality of the plants and gifts.  – unfortunately, no room in the car for plants!

After another long, hot journey back, thankfully a lovely calm crossing and home.  Really enjoyed my first buying trip in Europe.  Done Holland …thinking of somewhere new next time!  Any ideas?

Please do check out my website for new lines from Holland!  xxx