Does The Weather Affect Your Mood? February 22, 2019 11:20

People are easily affected by change in the weather. There is a little range in temperatures that people appreciate, higher or lower temperatures will quickly affect the mood negatively.... Some sicknesses are affected by the weather, for example: seasonal affective disorder, also called winter depression. SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Don’t stay indoors!


  1. Make your environment sunnier and brighter. Open blinds, trim tree branches that block sunlight or add skylights to your home. ...
  2. Get outside. Take a long walk, eat lunch at a nearby park, or simply sit on a bench and soak up the sun. ...
  3. Exercise regularly


They say that heat and extreme rain brings out the worst in people.  As the temperatures rise we get aggressive and stressed, so you can’t win. I know myself that I just hate those wet dark miserable days that we seem to have far too many of here in the UK.

Although you should not be sitting in the sun too long, exposing skin to sunlight produces vitamin D, promoting the brain’s production of serotonin, which lifts mood. Exposure to bright lights, a treatment for people affected with the Winter depressions of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also enhances the mood of unaffected people.

I just can’t wait for those warm Spring days to arrive.  We have had a taste of what is hopefully to come this week and I have just loved it!  I have been thrilled to be back out in the garden with plenty to do this time of year!  It puts me in the mood to start thinking of what I would like to grow this year, and what changes I can make.  This weather has come as a surprise and I didn’t think I would be sitting drinking coffee in the garden in February – I want some new garden furniture, so I can sit out in my garden even more.  If we have a summer like last year it would be perfect!  Fingers crossed.


To sum up - If you wish to reap the psychological benefits of good springtime weather ..... go outside. 

At this time of year I wish I had a dog – but Tilly the cat is sitting in the sunshine on the patio enjoying the early sunshine and I am off out for a nice long walk in Richmond Park.


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