Autumn 2018 Blog October 1, 2018 19:40

I am sitting in my garden – it’s the beginning of October  and I am reflecting on the summer – it has been amazing! – I wish I could book the weather back every summer like we have just experienced.  Why would we ever go abroad? – we could enjoy Devon, Cornwall or Wales just the same – sunbathing in the sunshine.

My garden has suffered – I tried watering but the lawn just looked paler and paler – but I am not worried it will come back very soon.  I love the Autumn season - I am looking forward to enjoying the last of the sunshine and chilly mornings.


I have so enjoyed my garden this summer – I decorated it with lanterns, garlands, windchimes, suncatchers, buddhas and it just looked such a calm place to be.  My big umbrella sheltered me from those hot hot days 38%!!!! I really did need it.  The only thing that stressed me out was the wasps around my dinner plate - Then I just added my citronella candles that did the trick.

I have spent so much time in my garden this year which is just where I want to be.   It’s so important in this busy life to spend time outdoors relaxing and chilling.  Making a quiet area for you to reflect and just enjoy. I have added lots of buddhas to my assortment this autumn, and I tell my customer's that they need to take time and be drawn to which one suits them best .  This one is my favourite - the budda monk, representing praying for peace.  She looks so calm and relaxed, just where we want to be.

I am now focussing on bringing in my garden accessories now that Autumn days are arriving and we begin the next season.  My buddhas are now in my front room and my lanterns lit to make my home cosy and warm for the chilly evenings ahead.  Don’t leave your decorations outside, look after them over the frosty nights and bring them back out in the Spring.


Thank you for supporting me this year with difficult health issues, but I am back in the game now and rearing to go with new directions and ideas.  Sometimes when you are forced to stop, it makes you reflect on where you are and where you want to go.  I will not be trading so much outside this winter, but instead very excited to be attending more spiritual well being events and showing off my beautiful buddhas and chakra and tree of life products.    I strongly believe we all need calm and stress free times in this mad mad world and if I can bring a little bit of that into your lives I am very happy.


Caroline xx


 October Events

Sunday 7th October MBA & Wellbeing Show, Crawley 10am - 5.00pm.

Saturday 13th/14th  Octoer Wellbeing Fair - Grasshopper Inn Westerham 10.00 am - 4.00pm

Sunday 28th October Dorking Holistic and Mystic Event 10am-5.00pm